Your offline-first privacy-centric personal data center.

Includes over 100 services you can easily self-host.

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Take back control of your internet

Stop relying on services that could shut down at any time. Host them yourself for future proof applications.

Free Private Self-Hosted App Store

Over 100 Services

Replace Gmail, Slack, Google Drive, Netflix, and much more with your own self-hosted services!

Easy Backups and Restore

Use restic to back up all your data nightly. Use minio to back up to a friend’s server.

Always Free

HomelabOS is open source and free-as-in-speech.

TOR Hidden Services

HomelabOS can configure your services to be reachable as TOR hidden services. No need for a bastion server or port forwarding.

Secure By Default

Get industry standard best practices around server security out of the box.

Own Your Data

Keep your data where it belongs. On servers controlled by you.

Bastion Server Deploy

HomelabOS can use Terraform to automatically deploy and configure a Bastion server to act as a reverse proxy. Stop worrying about your server’s IP / ports.

Internet Optional

Host over 100 applications on prem

HomelabOS allows anyone to easily deploy, backup, restore, and maintain over 100 different applications and services. Everything from video players, to home automation, to chat services. These services can continue to function at full speed on your LAN even when your external internet is completely offline.

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Take back control of your data while saving money

Keep your data under your control, and also stop spending money on all those different online services. Run your own services for you, your family, and your friends!

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