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Welcome to HomelabOS! Your very own offline-first open-source data-center!

HomelabOS is a collection of various separate services. You can find more information about each in the menu on the left.


Getting Started

Understanding Storage

Getting Help

If you are having problems you can:

Available Software




Blogging Platforms

  • Ghost - Ghost is a platform for building and running a modern online publication

Calendaring and Contacts Management

  • NextCloud - Private Cloud Storage, Calendar, Contacts, etc.


  • Matterbridge - Bridges between many different chat protocols.
  • The Lounge - Always-on IRC client (IRC bouncer)
  • Zulip - Threaded chat software

Document Management

  • Mayan EDMS - Free Open Source DMS (document management system).
  • Paperless - Document management


  • Calibre - Calibre and Calibre Web - Complete ebook library management.


  • Mailu - is a simple yet full-featured mail server as a set of Docker images.

Federated Identity/Authentication

  • Authelia - Authelia is an open-source full-featured authentication server available on Github
  • OpenLDAP - LDAP management interface

Feed Readers

  • FreshRSS - A free, self-hostable aggregator
  • Miniflux - Miniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader.

File Sharing and Synchronization

  • Duplicati - Free backup software to store encrypted backups online
  • Jackett - API Support for your favorite torrent trackers (helps Sonarr and Radarr)
  • Lidarr - Sonarr but for Music.
  • Minio - S3 hosting
  • Mylar - An automated Comic Book manager
  • Ombi - Ombi is a self-hosted web application that automatically gives your shared Plex or Emby users the ability to request content by themselves!
  • qBittorrent - Open-source alternative to ĀµTorrent
  • Radarr - Automated movie downloading
  • Samba - Export your HomelabOS storage_dirs as file shares to other computers on your local network
  • SickChill - SickChill is an automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows.
  • Sonarr - Automated TV downloading
  • Syncthing - File syncing software
  • Transmission - BitTorrent client
  • WebDAV - Apache based WebDAV server


Gateways and terminal sharing

  • Guacamole - a clientless remote desktop gateway
  • WebVirtMg is a complete Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor manager.

Media Streaming

  • Airsonic - Airsonic is a free, web-based media streamer, providing ubiquitous access to your music.
  • Beets - Beets is the media library management system for obsessive-compulsive music geeks.
  • Emby - Personal Media Server
  • Funkwhale - A social platform to enjoy and share music
  • Jellyfin - The Free Software Media System
  • MStream - All your music, everywhere you go.
  • PeerTube - ActivityPub based Video Sharing
  • Plex - Personal Media Server


  • AdGuard Home - Network wide software for blocking ads and tracking
  • Barcode Buddy - Barcode system for Grocy
  • Chowdown Simple recipes in Markdown format
  • Cockpit - Cockpit Admin interface for configuring and troubleshooting a system
  • CodiMD The best platform to write and share markdown
  • Darksky - Local weather reported via darksky-influxdb
  • Dasher - Amazon Dash button support
  • DuckDNS is free dynamic DNS hosted on AWS. This provides a client to update the IP pointed to by DuckDNS.
  • EtherCalc - Web Spreadsheet
  • ERPNext Open Source ERP for Everyone.
  • Folding@home Folding@home software allows you to share your unused computer power with scientists researching diseases.
  • Grocy - ERP beyond your fridge - grocy is a web-based self-hosted groceries & household management solution for your home
  • Grownetics - Open source environmental mapping with plant management and tracking
  • Hubzilla - a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity
  • Inventario - Home inventory software
  • InvoiceNinja - Free Open-Source Invoicing Software
  • Mashio - Home brewery management software
  • Monica - Contact / relationship manager
  • n8n - n8n is a free and open node based Workflow Automation Tool.
  • NodeRED - Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.
  • OctoPrint - The snappy web interface for your 3D printer.
  • Pi-hole - Ad blocking
  • Poli - An easy-to-use BI server built for SQL lovers. Power data analysis in SQL and gain faster business insights.
  • Portainer - Easy Docker management
  • PrivateBin PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data.
  • Sabnzbd Free and easy binary newsreader
  • Searx - A privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine.
  • Shinobi Free Open Source CCTV platform.
  • The Spaghetti Detective - AI-based failure detection for 3D printer remote management and monitoring.
  • Ubooquity - Ubooquity is a free home server for your comics and ebooks library
  • UnifiController - The Unifi-controller Controller software is a powerful, enterprise wireless software engine ideal for high-density client deployments requiring low latency and high uptime performance.
  • Watchtower - A process for automating Docker container base image updates
  • WebTrees - Online Genealogy
  • Zammad Zammad is a web-based, open source user support/ticketing solution.

Money, Budgeting and Management


Note-taking and Editors

  • BulletNotes - Note taking application
  • Trilium - Build your personal knowledge base with Trilium Notes
  • Turtl - Note taking application with mobile and desktop apps

Password Managers

Personal Dashboards

  • Homedash - A simple dashboard that allows to monitor and interact with many different services
  • Heimdall Heimdall Application Dashboard is a dashboard for all your web applications.
  • Organizr - Access all your HomelabOS services in one easy place.

Photo and Video Galleries

  • Digikam - Professional Photo Management with the Power of Open Source
  • OwnPhotos Self hosted Google Photos clone.
  • Piwigo - Manage your photo collection
  • Pixelfed - A free and ethical photo sharing platform, powered by ActivityPub federation.

Read it Later Lists

  • Wallabag - Save and classify articles. Read them later. Freely.

Social networks

  • Pleroma - Pleroma is a federated social networking platform, compatible with GNU social and other OStatus implementations. It is free software licensed under the AGPLv3.

Software Development

  • Code-Server - Run VS Code on a remote server.
  • Drone - Drone is a self-service continuous delivery platform
  • Gitea - Git hosting
  • Gitlab - Git, projects, builds, docker repos hosting, etc
  • Jenkins - The leading open source automation server, Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project.
  • Snibox - Self-hosted snippet manager. Developed to collect and organize code snippets.

Task management/To-do lists

  • Wekan - Open source Kanban board with MIT license


  • OpenVPN - A Business VPN to Access Network Resources Securely

Web servers


Last update: June 21, 2020