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Before you begin

Before you begin, please familiarize yourself with the contributing document.

Using the addPkg.rb script to Add services to HomelabOS

What does the script do?

addPkg.rb scripts the creation of new service files. You'll need three pieces of information:

  • Package Name in Title case - This is used whenever we need a Title for the package.
  • The URL for the package - Used in documentation files to link to package source.
  • A one-line description of the package - Used in documention, etc.

When you have entered those three pieces of information, The script then does the following for you:

  • Creates an issue on Gitlab.
  • Creates a branch for, and tied to the issue.
  • Creates an (empty) Merge Request, that resolves the issue.
  • Fetches the new branch, and checks it out.
  • Creates the Service Role Directory
  • Edits the role/PACKAGENAME/tasks/main.yml
  • Creates the Documentation file
  • Edits mkdocs.yml to include the new documentation file
  • Edits the Readme, and Changelog files
  • Edits the group_var/all file to include the new package in the Enabled Services list

Running the script

From the root project directory run: ./ and answer the 3 questions. Once the script has run, you must edit the roles/PACKAGENAME/templates/docker-compose.PACKAGENAME.yml.j2 file

Please review all other files, before pushing your changes to gitlab.

How to Manually Add Services to HomelabOS

Create Role Folder

Copy an existing role folder like 'inventario' from the roles/ folder, then adapt the values as needed.

Use hardcoded volume paths

All mounted docker volumes should point to a folder named after the service that is using it, and located under {{ volumes_root }}.

Add Service to Documentation

Create a Documentation Page

Each service should have it's own page within the docs/software/ folder. Use existing docs as a template.

Update the mkdocs.yml file with a reference to the newly created doc file.

Add Service to Inventory File

The service needs to be added within group_vars/all.

Place it in the services: section in alphabetical order.

Add Service to README

The service should be added under the list of Available Software.

Add Service to config.yml.j2

In the config template roles/homelabos_config/templates/config.yml.j2 the service should be added in alphabetical order under the # Services List section.

How to Debug a New Service

After a new service has been deployed, run systemctl status SERVICE_NAME to see how it's doing.

If it's not running with an error like (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)

Grab the value of the ExecStart line, and run it by hand. So if the ExecStart line looks like: ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker-compose -p zulip up then manually change directory cd {{ volumes_root }}/zulip and run the bit after the =, /usr/bin/docker-compose -p zulip up to see the error output directly.

Last update: May 29, 2020