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Pixelfed is a free and ethical photo sharing platform, powered by ActivityPub federation.


Environment variables

Adjust the environment variables (roles/pixelfed/templates/pixelfed.env.j2) to match your needs.

More information about the possible options are available here: Pixelfed Configuration


This once requires some manual setup, unfortunately.

  • Connect to the server with ssh
  • As soon as the db and the app started completely run docker exec pixelfed_pixelfed_1 gosu www-data:www-data php artisan migrate --force. This will do the database migrations.
  • Note: When you start the service for the first time, the mariadb container needs to do some initial configuration and thus needs a bit longer to start completely.
  • Now the configuration is complete and the service is available

Post Install work

You'll want to create a user, and import city data. To do that ssh to your server and execute these commands

  • `docker exec pixelfed_pixelfed_1 /bin/bash' - This will give you a shell to run the following commands
  • php artisan user:create - follow the prompts, ensure it's an admin user
  • `php artisan import:cities'
  • 'exit' - To exit the docker shell


pixelfed is available at https://{% if pixelfed.domain %}{{ pixelfed.domain }}{% else %}{{ pixelfed.subdomain + "." + domain }}{% endif %}/ or http://{% if pixelfed.domain %}{{ pixelfed.domain }}{% else %}{{ pixelfed.subdomain + "." + domain }}{% endif %}/

{% if enable_tor %} It is also available via Tor at http://{{ pixelfed.subdomain + "." + tor_domain }}/ {% endif %}