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Developing with Vagrant

If you don't have a server to test against, you can use Vagrant to test HomelabOS.

First you must install Vagrant.

Deploying to Vagrant

Simply run make develop. This will spin up a Vagrant machine, and provision it with Ansible automatically.

Once the machine is provisioned, you can run vagrant ssh then from inside the VM run ifconfig | grep inet. This will list all IPs for the VM, and one of them will work to access the VM. You can try opening the IPs in a browser until one of them says 404 page not found. This means you are hitting Traefik correctly.

The next step is to set up a host mapping. Edit your /etc/hosts file to contain an entry pointing servicename.yourdomain to the IP found above.

Now you should be able to hit servicename.yourdomain in a browser and have the service page served successfully by Traefik.

Resetting Vagrant

Running vagrant destroy will erase your vagrant machine image, and let you start fresh.

Last update: May 29, 2020