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Troubleshooting / FAQ

This is the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Use the page table of contents to navigate it quickly. Also the search in these docs is instant and easy.

  • Make sure HomelabOS successfully installed docker on the server. If its not installed, try installing it manually.
    [server]$ docker run hello-world
  • Make sure you are running the latest docker and docker compose on both your client and server. The Docker version installed via apt can be old. Recommended install directions are here
  • Check HomelabOS status on the server and make sure it is loaded and active.
    [server]$ systemctl status homelabos
  • Make sure the admin user specified during make config is created.
    [server]$ compgen -u
  • If the user isn't listed, run the following commands to make one and add it to the sudo and docker groups.
    [server]$ sudo adduser <username>
    [server]$ sudo usermod -aG sudo <username>
    [server]$ sudo usermod -aG docker <username>

I have pointed my domain at my IP but hitting the domain returns nothing

  • If you ping your {{ domain }}, do you get the IP you expect?
    • If not you have DNS issues. Get those resolved before moving on.
  • If you ping subdomain.{{ domain }}, do you get the IP you expect?
    • If not you have DNS issues. You probably don't have a wildcard set up.
  • Does the IP you expect actually lead to port 80 on your server?
    • You may need to set up port forwarding on your router, unblock some ports on your modem, or contact your ISP to see if they are being blocked. If these aren't an option for you, try the bastion host set up.
  • Does the domain you're trying to hit match what is listed in the Traefik dashboard?
    • If you don't see your domain under the 'HTTP' section in Traefik, then you have something configured wrong.
  • Are your services running? Check docker ps and systemctl status SERVICENAME
    • E.g. systemctl status organizr on the server.
  • Are your services listed in the Traefik dashboard? Hit http://{{ homelab_ip }}:8181/
  • Are your services returning output?
    • Assuming you have organizr enabled, try this from your server. If you don't have organizr enabled, swap organizr for another service you do have enabled. curl -H Host:organizr.YOURDOMAIN localhost
    • If you get back a bunch of HTML, then everything on the server is fine, and your problem lies somewhere else, likely DNS, port forwarding, something like that.

If you can hit and get SERVER_IP where port 80 and 443 are forwarded and is listed in Traefik as the Organizr endpoint, and you STILL can't load the page, ask in chat or open an issue on GitLab.

I get a 404

If you're up and running, but getting a 404, load [http://YOURSERVERIP:8181/]. This is the Traefik dashboard.

Each service under the Http page has a section. The hostname inside Host() in the rule column is the hostname that Traefik is listening to for that particular service. You need to be able to ping that hostname from your computer, and you should get back the IP address of your server. Once that is the case, accessing the hostname in a browser should load the respective service.

Traefik serves based on domain names, not IP addresses. It has to know what service you want to return. You need to be able to hit {{ domain }} or servicename.{{ domain }} in order for Traefik to serve the correct service.

No Traefik Dashboard

If you can't even access the dashboard at {{ homelab_ip }}:8181, check the status of the HomelabOS service.

[server]$ systemctl status homelabos
This should give you some insight into what the issue is. Also you should be able to run
[server]$ docker ps | grep traefik
and get an output like:
8f00f6b3cdb6        traefik                        "/traefik"               13 hours ago        Up 13 hours           >80/tcp,>443/tcp,>8080/tcp           homelabos_traefik_1

Services Not Appearing in Traefik, Bad Gateway, or Services Restarting

If you don't see the services listed in the Traefik dash, or if Traefik returns a page that just says Bad Gateway, that usually means DNS and everything is correct, but the service itself is having problems. SSH into the server and run systemctl status SERVICE_NAME replacing SERVICE_NAME with the service you are interested in. This should show you any relevant Docker logs. If you want more detail from a specific container, you can tail the logs of thatcontainer. Find the containar name with docker ps | grep SERVICENAME then access the logs with docker logs -f --tail 500 CONTAINERNAME.

SSL Not working

Traefik generates SSL certs via LetsEncrypt, and LetsEncrypt has rate limiting. So it may take several days before all of your services get valid SSL certs generated for them. You can tail the logs of the traefik container to see the status of it's generation.

I can't find certain config values like Authelia

Check your config/vault.yml file. If it's encrypted just run make decrypt

You also don't need to edit the config/ files directly at all, or worry about where the config values are. Just use make set and make get and it will access the variable correctly regardless of what config file it lives in.

I get exec user process caused 'exec format error'

You are trying to run AMD code on ARM infrastructure. Make sure you have set arm to True in your config file.

How do I tell if a service is enabled?

On your server run systemctl status servicename or sudo systemctl status servicename if you are not logged in as root.

I get Unit servicename.service could not be found.

The service was not deployed. Check your settings/ files. Make sure servicename.enable is set to true.

Is it OK to manually edit my settings/ files?


If I don't have a domain, what do I enter for the domain field?

Make something up. Something like myhomelab.local is fine. HomelabOS will generate a file on the server /var/homelabos/homelabos_hosts. You can use this file to add to your computer's hosts override file (/etc/hosts on *nix based OSs), or to map on your router or DNS server as DNS overrides. HomelabOS generates one line o SERVER_IP SERVICE_NAME.DOMAIN_NAME SERVICENAME for each service. So if you used the example fake domain given above, and you enabled Jellyfin, you can access it at jellyfin.myhomelab.local once you have your DNS overrides set up.

Can I use a 32 bit OS?


Docker requires 64 bit. Nothing we can do about that, sorry.

Last update: January 27, 2022