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Minecraft Minecraft server with select-able version


It is available at {% if minecraft.domain %}{{ minecraft.domain }}{% else %}{{ minecraft.subdomain + "." + domain }}{% endif %}:25565

{% if enable_tor %} It is also available via Tor at {{ minecraft.subdomain + "." + tor_domain }}:25565 {% endif %}


This options are exposed as settings in HomelabOS.

  • ONLINE_MODE: If this is True, users will check connecting players against Minecraft's account database. Disable to run a 'offline server'. Warning: If this is set to False the server will be completly open to anyone able to connect.

  • TYPE: Type of server to run, default y VANILLA. Check all options in repository README.

  • VERSION: Game server version, Default: LATEST, Exmaples: "1.7.9", "1.15.2"

Notes: This options are used at container creation, after the server is running, you will need to edit to change them.

Last update: January 6, 2022